Board of Directors

The number of the Forsyth County Arts Alliance (FCAA) Board of Directors shall be no less than 10 and no more than 15 unless such number is increased or decreased by amendment to organizational by-laws. Directors are at large and independent. They subscribe to the same purpose and goals of FCAA, and do not receive compensation for services as a Board of Director or honorarium from the FCAA.

Commitees Include:

  • Executive Commitee
  • Finance and Grants Committee
  • Fund Development Committee
  • Communication Committee
  • Board Development Committee

Board of Directors:

  • Ann Margaret Johnston, President
  • Anna Lyle, President-elect
  • Kevin Tallant, Secretary
  • James McCoy, Treasurer
  • Linda Roberts-Betsch,¬†Past President/Board Development Chair
  • Lynn Jackson, Grants Chair
  • Tammi Bramblett, Communication Chair
  • Matt Anderson
  • Dean Ditmar
  • Chris Jespersen
  • Catherine Keyser
  • Laura Pate
  • Jason Pruitt
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