The Forsyth County Arts Alliance (FCAA) was created by proceeds from the sale of the Sawnee Arts Center. These funds have been placed in an endowment with the North Georgia Community Foundation.

A local Board of Directors, representing business and community leadership, is responsible for the stewardship and making recommendations for any distribution of funds. They meet once a month to conduct alliance business and are charged with setting policies, formulating long-range plans, adopting budgets and generally overseeing alliance activities. Responsibility for specific functions is often delegated to committees or individuals.

North Georgia Community FoundationIn 1985, a group of community leaders began the North Georgia Community Foundation. The Community Foundation now serves 15 counties in North Georgia, encouraging philanthropy and giving donors a way to improve the quality of life in our region for this and future generations. The North Georgia Community Foundation is dedicated to enhancing the spirit of community and quality of life in the greater North Georgia region by building, preserving and distributing philanthropic assets.